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Sales Playbook

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Revitalizing Sales Strategy: Envoy’s Path to Success with a Custom Sales Playbook



Envoy, established in 2013, faced a critical juncture in its growth trajectory. The company’s ‘land-and-expand’ strategy was falling short of expectations, hindering its revenue potential. The absence of internal expertise to tackle this challenge led Envoy to seek external guidance. This is where Chameleon Collective’s Doug Nugent stepped in, tasked with the mission to develop a Sales Playbook tailored to empower Envoy’s customer-facing teams in their interactions with prospects and customers.


Doug embarked on a journey to understand the intricate dynamics of Envoy’s sales process. The first step was identifying the key elements that were pivotal for different customer personas. This deep dive into customer profiles enabled the creation of a Sales Playbook that resonated with Envoy’s diverse clientele. Doug focused on crafting strategies that would articulate Envoy’s unique value propositions clearly and compellingly. The Playbook was designed not just as a guide but as a transformational tool. It aimed to sharpen the focus of the sales and success staff, aligning their efforts towards engaging topics that were both relevant and motivating for each individual customer. This bespoke approach meant redefining sales interactions to maximize impact and efficiency.


The implementation of the Sales Playbook marked a turning point for Envoy. In the words of Russ Thau, VP of Revenue, the company witnessed its best two months since the Playbook’s introduction. This new sales approach led to substantial increases in new and expansion revenue, elevated the average transaction size, and significantly mitigated churn risks. The Sales Playbook, meticulously crafted by Chameleon Collective, didn’t just offer a solution; it transformed how Envoy interacted with its market, propelling the company into a new era of sales success and customer engagement.

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