Securing an SVP of Marketing

Securing an SVP of Marketing

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Case Study

Securing an SVP of Marketing to Drive Global Growth



ECI, under the guidance of their Private Equity firm, presented a unique challenge for Chameleon Collective. The goal was to recruit an SVP of Marketing to drive global growth within the competitive Managed Service Provider (MSP) space. This required an individual not only with relevant MSP experience but also with exceptional leadership qualities.


Maintaining open lines of communication with ECI’s leadership, we undertook the comprehensive search from inception to placement. Recognizing the importance of team dynamics, we consulted with each member of the marketing team to ensure the candidate’s suitability in meeting the team’s and company’s goals.


In record time, we secured an outstanding candidate with specific MSP experience and proven leadership qualities. This individual was perfectly poised to drive ECI’s global growth strategy, receiving high regards from the CEO. The efficient and successful completion of this recruitment process demonstrated the value of a thorough, consultative approach in finding the right fit for essential leadership roles.


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