SEO and Content

SEO and Content

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Powering Amplitude’s Content to New SEO Heights



Despite years of dedicated blogging, Amplitude’s Content Team had a problem: organic traffic and leads weren’t meeting expectations. They needed to reconstruct their content machinery to effectively engage and capture customers throughout the entire marketing funnel.


We started with a complete makeover of Amplitude’s content ideation and production process, instilling it with an SEO-first approach. Recognizing the power of data-driven insights, we collaborated with Amplitude to zero in on topics resonating with their customers’ genuine interests. But we weren’t just focused on choosing the right topics; we helped Amplitude craft powerful product narratives. By imparting cutting-edge SEO and Content practices, Chameleon Collective empowered Amplitude to produce content that wasn’t just informative, but was also a magnet for traffic and app engagement.


The results spoke volumes. Amplitude experienced a remarkable 100% boost in organic traffic, ushering in an additional 50,000 users each month. Beyond sheer numbers, this newfound traffic translated into discernible business growth: a surge in leads, increased demos, and a notable increment in signups.


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