SEO Best Practices

SEO Best Practices

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Okta’s Digital Resurgence: How SEO Became Their Superpower



Okta had a basic SEO program running, but the Marketing team grappled with scattered priorities, and no one dedicated full-time to unraveling the SEO maze. They were in search of clarity, direction, and a strategy that could supercharge their SEO initiatives, shifting from rudimentary efforts to a robust, high-ROI program.


Chameleon Collective’s first endeavor was to weave structure into Okta’s fragmented SEO approach. We curated a holistic SEO strategy that not only outlined a clear roadmap but also anchored the company’s broader marketing goals. Diving deeper, we launched an ambitious SEO content program, specifically tailored to elevate Okta’s digital visibility. This wasn’t about mere numbers, but about sculpting a full-funnel content narrative. Our approach was twofold: generating awareness at the top while ensuring customer acquisition at the funnel’s narrower end. Alongside these initiatives, we facilitated educational sessions and workshops, empowering the Okta Marketing team with the intricacies of SEO best practices.


The results spoke for themselves. Our strategic interventions ushered in an impressive influx of 1.6M unique visitors annually to Okta’s website. But beyond these numbers was a transformed Marketing team – now equipped, informed, and agile, ready to harness the full potential of SEO practices for continuous growth.

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