Shopify eCommerce Website

Shopify eCommerce Website

A miniature shopping cart with orange handles holds two small, brown cardboard packages. The cart is placed on the keyboard of an open laptop, symbolizing eCommerce and online shopping. The background is a wooden surface with a blurred effect, reminiscent of a Shopify store’s sleek website interface.

Case Study

Revolutionizing Souler’s Digital Hub with a New Ecommerce Platform



Souler, an innovative startup, brings together a curated community of influencers, brands, and customers. To enhance their digital ecosystem, they aimed to create an online marketplace allowing influencers to showcase their favorite products to their followers. They needed an ecommerce platform that would deliver not only a captivating customer journey but also a rewarding experience for the influencers and brands involved.


To meet Souler’s ambitious objectives, they brought in Chameleon Collective. Given our expertise in designing and developing cutting-edge ecommerce sites, we took on the challenge to build the marketplace on the Shopify platform. We assembled a robust team of Chameleons to lead the UX, Design, and development. Operating on a tight schedule, we successfully launched the new site in just six weeks. Our meticulous efforts resulted in a platform that was met with great enthusiasm from the Souler community, sparking an increase in content production from influencers.


Since its launch, the ecommerce site has become the centerpiece of Souler’s digital strategy, garnering positive reviews and spurring growth in influencer content and commerce. Chameleon Collective continues to support Souler with ongoing site enhancements and optimizations, ensuring the platform remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape.


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Team Members

Ilan Tito

Ilan Tito

Head of Ecommerce

Carolina Usbeck

Carolina Usbeck

SEO Friendly Web Developer

Stacey Groth

Stacey Groth

Fashion & Apparel Design

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