The Digital Melding of Sunless’s Brand Spectrum

The Digital Melding of Sunless’s Brand Spectrum

Case Study

SEO Migration for Sunless Brand Acquisition



Sunless stood at a complex crossroads. The brand was poised with the intricate task of seamlessly integrating the digital footprints of four separate brands into, ensuring that the SEO value and organic traffic of the incorporated brands remained intact.


At Chameleon Collective, we aligned closely with Sunless stakeholders to grasp the nuances of the sunless tanning industry and its discerning clientele. Our approach transcended a basic SEO audit. We architected a roadmap, and delivered a new ecommerce experience that would smoothly channel customers from search engines straight into the rejuvenated realms of


Organic traffic took a soaring leap from 4,800/mo to a staggering 38,000/month, marking a phenomenal 790% surge. This bolstered wave of traffic mirrored directly in augmented sales and a flourishing revenue graph. SEO, previously perceived as an auxiliary growth driver, metamorphosed into a robust owned channel.



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