Video Ads

Video Ads

A healthy meal featuring raw salmon, green beans, and broccoli in a bowl is presented for your next video ad. Scattered around the bowl are almonds, walnuts, a halved avocado, mushrooms, and arugula leaves on a gray surface.

Case Study

Cost-Effective Creativity: A New Approach to Video Ads for HelloFresh


HelloFresh, a rapidly expanding meal-kit company, consistently updates their social media advertisements to match their ever-changing menus. The company aimed to integrate video ads into their existing still ad campaigns, but faced a budgetary constraint. The challenge lay in creating impactful, dynamic video ads without incurring the substantial cost of shooting entirely new content.


Josh from Chameleon Collective crafted a creative solution to meet HelloFresh’s requirements. Instead of shooting new videos from scratch, he chose to animate the existing photographic stills and typography. This innovative approach allowed for the creation of engaging, aesthetically pleasing video ads, but at a fraction of the typical production cost.


HelloFresh successfully integrated dynamic video ads into their social media campaigns without straining their budget. The animated stills provided a fresh, visually engaging dimension to their advertisements, enhancing the overall appeal of their rapidly changing menus. This case demonstrates the power of creative, cost-effective solutions in optimizing marketing strategies, particularly in a fast-paced, consumer-driven industry like meal-kit delivery.

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