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VP Of Media

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Case Study

Leadership During Transition: Interim VP of Media at Blue Nile



Blue Nile, an established leader in the online engagement ring and jewelry eCommerce sector, faced significant challenges from increasing online competition and shifts in consumer shopping behavior. To further complicate matters, their team was in flux due to transitions in key roles, including the Online Performance Director and CMO.


In May 2018, Chameleon Collective placed an Interim VP of Performance Media at Blue Nile’s Seattle HQ. This interim executive brought much-needed stability, managing various media channels, representing the team in executive meetings, and overseeing planning and budgeting. This steady hand on the tiller ensured that the organization could keep pace with the fast-evolving market trends and maintain their competitive edge.


The Interim VP of Media held the role for over nine months until a new CMO was fully acclimated in December 2018. The interim role was pivotal during this transitional period, maintaining media operations and ensuring seamless transitions for the new leadership. Final deliverables included full documentation, status updates, recommendations, and handoffs on current media partners, along with suggested future media tactics. These resources ensured that the new team could operate efficiently, even before a permanent VP was in place. This case reflects the power of interim leadership in maintaining operational efficiency and guiding strategic evolution during periods of transition.


Blue Nile, Inc.

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