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Website Design

Close-up of a person wearing a necklace with two red beads on a black cord. The background is out of focus, and the person's shoulder and neck are visible. The lighting is soft, highlighting the texture of the skin and the shine on the beads—ideal for enhancing your website design.

Case Study

Simplifying Elegance: Bagatiba’s Redesign Journey



Jessie Andrews, the creative force behind Bagatiba, brought her vision of “lavish yet affordable” jewelry to life. Operating from her apartment, Andrews managed to cultivate a brand that nestled comfortably between Forever 21 and Cartier. Despite this success, a key challenge persisted – how could Bagatiba maintain small, affordable quantities, minimize overhead, and encapsulate this unique approach on the web? Enter Chameleon Collective, brought in to translate this vision into an engaging and intuitive online presence.


Focusing on the essence of the Bagatiba brand, the designers at Chameleon Collective crafted a clean, straightforward website that offered ease of navigation for users. The design was predominantly content-driven, showcasing Bagatiba’s products in a no-frills, authentic way that truly

The comprehensive solution encompassed a 360-degree consumer engagement strategy, preparing the brand to delve into the direct-to-consumer market. 


With the guidance and expertise of Chameleon’s interim leaders, Backyard Discovery saw rapid and significant progress. In just six months, the brand unveiled a revitalized, consumer-focused website and initiated a successful brand awareness event. Along with these milestones, Backyard Discovery also made its debut on Amazon, a major step in establishing their direct-to-consumer presence. Through this venture, Chameleon’s interim leadership demonstrated the potential of direct consumer engagement, reshaping Backyard Discovery’s sales strategy and establishing a stronger relationship with their consumers.




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