5 Reasons Why EQ-Focused CMOs are the Future of Marketing

The Growing Importance of Marketing with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Why IQ is Quickly Taking a Back Seat The World Economic Forum report predicts that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) will become one of the top ten skills for employees by 2020. So with CMO’s having the shortest average C-Suite life-span, it’s a huge indicator of the […]

Eight Rules for Digital Marketers in China

In an increasingly global world, it’s not unreasonable to believe that some tactics used in developed markets will be successful in China. But it’s also important to recognize that new trends or even new uses of familiar tactics make every market different, a fact I was reminded of after moving to China three months ago. […]

What is A Modern Marketing Organization?

Does “tweeting” mean you’ve figured it out? Does knowing how to “friend” someone qualify you as a modern marketer of the new advertising age? Hardly. In fact, reaching that lofty goal is less about the tactics we employ, and more about our overall approach to the complexities of the modern consumer. Our jobs are becoming […]

Why the Cannes Lions Are Important

Bob Garfield wrote a passionate article today about why he thinks Cannes is dead. Although I agree with Bob that many of the ads that have been celebrated at Cannes don’t represent the future of advertising, I don’t believe for one second that Cannes is dead. The last year has been a rough year in […]

Cannes Lions + Humanitarian Lion = Spread The Word

For the last couple years I have attended the Cannes Lions. It’s my favorite advertising festival of the year: the work, the location, the people you meet, and, of course, the parties. I think what truly sets it apart is it’s international judging panel. Only allowing one judge per country prevents countries like the US […]

Reaching Your Audience and The New Creative Process

PART II OF THE “TREND WATCHING TO GAIN A COMPETITIVE EDGE IN MARKETING” SERIES: True loyalty – and the word of mouth buzz that comes with it – evolves naturally from the great experiences you have with a company over time. Notably great experiences are punctuated by a moment of “wow”. Sometimes it’s when the […]

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