Top 10 Chameleon Collective Blog Posts of 2021


ICYMI: We’ve selected the most insight-rich and inspirational blogs from 2021 to guide you into the new year.

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Our Chameleons are diligent about sharing their insights on Our Collective Point of View blog. New content is usually available at least once a week to give you that little dose of inspiration to take and run with however you see fit. And yes, we’re biased when we say that every blog post is just as impactful and eye-opening as the last. 

But in case you’re new to the Collective or are searching for the “diamonds in the rough” to apply to your marketing and leadership, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a look back at our ten favorite blog posts of 2021, in no particular order.

1. How to Stop the Musical Chairs Hiring Madness

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With the ongoing Great Resignation, it’s no surprise that a blog about recruiting challenges and solutions is on our radar. Business leaders across industries are seeing employees leave faster than they can fill empty roles. It’s a job seeker’s market, and leadership is having to split its focus between running the business with fewer people resources and finding ways to improve the workplace to attract candidates.

This blog shares some of the most impactful strategies we’ve seen in HR departments, and many come from stepping inside the shoes of the candidate. 

Read the full blog.

2. Lead with a Purpose with Dave Minifie

In a blog based on an episode of Freddie Laker’s Oh Ship! Show, special guest Dave Minifie talks about purpose and its role in success. Minifie shares that most business leaders are either mission-driven or purpose-driven. While having a mission is important, leading with a purpose often results in better outcomes and sustainable advantages.

Discover his insights here.

3. The Power of Design Roundtable

Freddie Laker has had an impressive line of guests on the Oh Ship! Show this year, but this round table discussion packs a ton of insight as three branding experts weigh in. 

In the blog, the panel shares the role that design plays in a product, whether it’s for functionality, aesthetics, or standing out above a competitor. Designers should also look at a product from the end-user perspective as well as from a business standpoint. A 360-degree view of how design supports a product will ultimately determine its success. 

Check out the full blog here.

4. The Challenges of Remote Work for Business Analysts

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Remote work has been fun and games for millions of workers. But it doesn’t affect all positions equally. Case in point: the role of the business analyst. This is one job that benefits from having a team on-site. They need to see how the business operates in order to find problems and come up with solutions. They work closely with fellow employees to uncover pain points and later test their recommendations. 

Simply put, being a business analyst doesn’t fit snugly into a remote work environment. How can companies overcome this?

Read more here.

5. Opinion: Why Marketers Must Consider the Ethics of Marketing

Data was once seen as an end-all solution to better marketing. But as more consumers express concerns over data privacy, marketers can no longer afford to ignore the ethical aspect of marketing. 

Fellow Chameleon Brittney Kleinfelter shares an opinion piece on the potential ethical sacrifices that many marketers make when matching audiences with products. For instance, ads that are mistargeted or too deeply personal can hit a nerve with consumers. What do you think this really does for your brand?

Get the full weigh-in here.

6. How to Improve Both Click-Through Rates and Conversion Rates in Your Content Marketing

We shared this article earlier in the year before we noticed the alarming trend that digital CPC ads are rising, and their click-through and conversion rates are declining. It was a prediction we didn’t intend to make, but here we are. Improving CTRs and CRs has never been more important, and while the landscape has changed in 2021, the tips we previously shared remain as relevant as ever.

Read the entire article here.

7. How to Kickstart Your Startup

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We saw a startup boom in 2020 and 2021. As more entrepreneurs start to move from the kitchen table to some sort of office space, funding will become even more essential. We covered a few hot tips on how to grow your idea into a fully-functioning business.

Get the scoop here.

8. How Digital Transformation Is Impacting Recruiting

One of the shifts we’ve seen in 2021 is in the way in which companies are recruiting. Digital transformation in HR is one trend we believe will stick around long after pandemic conditions return to “normal.” In this article, learn how you can get ahead of the curve by shifting to a digital recruiting model.

Learn more here.

9. How to Create a Fruitful Mentorship From the Start

Mentorships are beautiful things. They’re business relationships that help each side to learn and grow in ways that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Mentees show great chutzpah when they seek out a mentor because they’re proving they care about their own success. And mentors have an opportunity to share their knowledge and be seen as an expert. In the best scenarios, mentors can learn a few things from their mentorship, too.

In this blog post, we share tips for mentors and mentees to start their relationship on the right foot so that both parties can call it a success.

Read the entire blog post here.

10. Attractive CPG Packaging Design in the Age of E-commerce

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The growth of online shopping has slowed, but sales remain strong. More consumers are still choosing online channels to buy everything from clothing to groceries and more. This puts strain on CPG brands that typically used packaging design to gain market share. How does physical package design fit into the online shopping model?

Learn more in this blog.

Now, go forth and use our insights to help you succeed in the new year!

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