What is Take Me To Your Leader?

What Is Take Me To Your Leader?

Back to the Future with Take Me to Your Leader

Our Blog was once called Take Me To Your Leader. Some people have asked my why it was called Take Me To Your Leader? I’m an old sci-fi geek. I’ve been a nut about it since I was young, and books like Dune and (embarrassingly) Battlefield Earth made me fall in love with the genre. Science Fiction isn’t about ray-guns, robots, and time travel (although it can be). To me it’s an opportunity for an author to write social commentary and predictions as to how the human experience will change in an environment without boundaries, but frequently grounded in some form of history or science.


“Take Me To Your Leader” is a famous quote from many a Sci-Fi B-movie, tv show, or comic book in the 50s and 60s that eventually became a trope. It actually started with a 1953 cartoon by Alex Graham in The New Yorker magazine. This showed two aliens telling a horse “Kindly take us to your President!” With a one-word modification, the quote has been used ever since.

Virtually every cartoon or show involving aliens has used the phrase at some time or other. The 4th Doctor (from Doctor Who) said it often whenever he was captured and in danger of being imprisoned – just before offering his captors a jelly baby! In Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda is was even stated by a sentient machine.

Inevitably, in the 21st Century with the expansion of the internet it has become a meme. For clearly important research purposes I have included this cat with a box on it’s head.

In 2008 I bought TakeMeToYourLeader.com as a gift for myself after iChameleon Group (my 2nd company) joined Sapient. It was designed to reference not only my love of science fiction but also my passion for trying to predict the future and determination to be a market leader.

In 20 years I hope I’m still writing and I’ve wondered if anyone will get the joke then (or if anyone gets the joke now). Either way it still makes me smile. Hopefully the articles you read that came from TakeMeToYourLeader.com will make you smile just a bit, but if nothing else they will make you think about what our world will look like tomorrow, in 10 years, and maybe even in a hundred years.

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Freddie Laker

A veteran digital marketer with experience working with some of the world's biggest global brands. He now focuses on providing interim leadership to PE-backed firms.

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