Our CxO Led Evaluation And Recommendations process,
known as CLEAR, supports business leaders and investors
to unlock their company’s true potential.

The Journey To Drive Sustainable Growth Starts With Two Key Questions

A person points at various notes pinned on a wall in a dimly lit room, while an extended hand in the foreground holds a single wheat stalk. The image, tinted yellow and seemingly divided into sections with a high-contrast effect, invites a clear assessment of its intricate details.
  1. What business improvements
    will unlock the most value?
  2. What obstacles to success stand
    in our way?

The answers to these two questions hold the key to the success of any business.

Driving a higher growth rate is fraught with challenges, from designing the right go-to-market strategy to building the team, tech, and processes to deliver sustainable growth.  Decision makers must ditch ineffective strategies, meaningless trend updates, and other general guidance in favor of a specific actionable direction that will move the business forward – quickly and effectively.

The Difference is


CxO Led Evaluation And Recommendations

Our assessment approach leverages Chameleon Collective’s large team of C-suite brand, marketing, customer experience, eCommerce, and sales leaders to provide insight through the lens of operators with decades of current leadership experience. 

The CLEAR assessment isn’t merely a quick evaluation. It’s a bold, fast-paced, unfiltered exploration into your company’s strategy, strategy, team, and execution capabilities. We cut through the jargon and bureaucracy to deliver clear findings that ignite change from within.

What sets CLEAR apart isn’t just knowledge—it’s firsthand experience. Our assessment teams are led by C-level operators (vs. career consultants) and combined with Chameleon Collective’s deep bench of tactical experts to deliver an in-depth analysis. This collaboration allows us to evaluate rapidly as we navigate the complex dance between investors and executive teams, provide clear findings, and propose actionable changes to strategy, organizational design, and processes.



Your CLEAR scorecard reveals where the blockers to growth lie. The actionable recommendations highlight immediate opportunities to unlock value in the short or near term. They form a blueprint for executives to enact change.




A radar chart provides a clear assessment with three axes labeled Strategy, Team, and Execution, each scored from 0 to 5. A red triangle connects the points on each axis, showing Strategy at 3, Team at 4, and Execution at 3. The result is an irregular shape that highlights performance strengths and weaknesses.
A stylized image showing a cityscape from a ground-level perspective looking upward towards the sky. The buildings are depicted with a halftone dot pattern, and shades of teal in the sky, with darker tones for the buildings, creating a comic book effect that offers a clear assessment of urban life through art.

Focused Modules
For Key Pain Points

The core CLEAR assessment can be expanded to include deep dives into specific core challenges.



Customer Experience


Why Us ?

We Drive Change.

A person gestures with their hands during a discussion in an office setting, clearly assessing points in front of a laptop on a wooden table. The image has a yellow overlay filter, partially covering the left side.

Post assessment, Chameleon Collective can support your existing team in driving change from within by providing transformational leaders, exceptional staff, or even team building through recruiters.
Chameleon Collective’s talent bench now includes 45+ interim or fractional CxO leaders, 150+ experts in sales optimization and eCommerce development, and seven recruiters who help discover and hire talent for our clients.

Chameleon Collective can be retained for ongoing support in the following ways:

  • Coach the internal team to implement recommendations
  • Provide a team to execute action plans
  • Interim or fractional brand, marketing, CX, eCommerce, and sales leadership


Learn more about how we impact our client’s businesses

Breeze, Getting To Lift-off

Chameleon Collective enhanced Breeze Airways' guest experience with experts resulting in a stronger brand, higher NPS, fewer inquiries, and increased revenue.

Bugaboo’s Marketing Transformation

Chameleon Collective transformed Bugaboo with a digital strategy, reorganization, and talent acquisition, leading to growth and agility in luxury strollers.

Swipeclock, Building A Sales Engine

Chameleon Collective transformed SwipeClock, enabling it to transition to a direct SaaS model, integrate products, and achieve a seven-figure revenue benchmark,

John Hardy, A Case For Growth

Chameleon Collective revitalized John Hardy's digital strategy leading to a stunning digital presence, tripling DTC revenue, and a transformative renaissance.

Polaroid’s Brand Rebirth

Chameleon Collective revived Polaroid's relevance, focusing on marketing, leadership, and digital transformation, leading to groundbreaking change.

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