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Chameleon Collective & John Hardy: Envisioning a Digital Odyssey

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Case Study


Nestled within the heart of Balinese artisanal tradition, John Hardy’s jewelry resonated with over 40 years of unparalleled craftsmanship. Yet, as the digital dawn beckoned, a chasm emerged. While its roots were firmly anchored in wholesale channels, a digital evolution was imperative. The brand’s voyage from the enigmatic streets of New York to Bali’s tranquil vistas needed to be mirrored online. The challenge? Seamlessly transition into the digital realm, amplifying their direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategy without compromising their legacy.

Chameleon Collective, known for its adaptive prowess, unfurled its transformative model, rooted in leadership, delivery, and recruitment. The crux? Interim leadership that could architect and nurture this digital rebirth.


The initial challenge in this transformative journey was the introduction of an Interim SVP of E-commerce. This veteran expert was entrusted with crafting John Hardy’s digital future. The roadmap was expansive, from assembling a formidable combination of internal and external teams to catalyzing investment in innovative technologies. Under this adept leadership, a comprehensive growth model and budget materialized, setting the stage for John Hardy’s digital aspirations. From there the needs of the organization evolved and Chameleon Collective transitioned to an ongoing fractional Head of Performance marketing that orchestrated growth marketing strategies ranging across major digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to the nuances of SEM, TV strategy, and influencer campaigns, every aspect was meticulously planned and overseen by the interim Head of Growth.


Execution breathes life into vision. Rallying a team of CRM experts, digital strategists, and technical aficionados, Chameleon Collective translated strategy into palpable outcomes. 

Our video editor worked to create compelling video ads for CTV, YouTube, and paid social video assets. Paid Social was masterfully managed across platforms like Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter. Paid Search wasn’t just about presence; it was about dominance on platforms like Google and Bing.

We also managed multiple vendors across multiple channels: programmatic display, CTV, TV, influencers, native, rich media, and attribution platforms. Our promise to create sustainable success for our clients means finding, hiring, and integrated the right partners for any challenge.

The affiliate realm was enriched with loyalty and content partner strategies. Analytics ensured the pulse of every campaign was monitored, refined, and optimized, with the creation of paid media video assets further enriching John Hardy’s digital narrative.


The harmonization of vision and execution yielded transformative results. John Hardy’s digital presence didn’t just emerge; it dazzled. The brand witnessed a staggering surge in its online presence, punctuated by profitability. But numbers merely skimmed the surface. The brand’s digital persona further solidified John Hardy’s stature in the luxury jewelry cosmos. The strategies yielded robust DTC revenue streams, with the ecommerce business tripling over subsequent years.

Our initial interim, and then ongoing fractional leader, helped to define the structures, strategies, and teams that paved the way for their ongoing growth. Today, John Hardy’s alliance with Chameleon Collective persists, a symbiotic relationship continually refining its digital prowess.

John Hardy’s digital renaissance, championed by Chameleon Collective’s leadership, encapsulates the transformative potential of visionary leadership in the ever-evolving digital tapestry.


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Chameleon Relationship

“Chameleon Collective has been an essential strategic partner for John Hardy. They have been an integral part of rebuilding our digital marketing channel and helping us drive the accelerated growth of our eCommerce business.”

John Hardy, VP of DTC & Digital Commerce

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