Amazon and eBay Strategy

Amazon and eBay Strategy

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Case Study

eCommerce Resilience: How Chameleon Collective Steered TopDown Back to the Top



Following a trajectory of impressive growth, TopDown experienced a decline in sales for their cornerstone products, with Amazon being a notable pain point.


Chameleon Collective, armed with an Amazon maestro, dove deep into TopDown’s sales metrics, competitive scene, and their content strategy across Amazon and eBay. Our analytical lens revealed a startling discovery: a mere 10 products, which made up less than 5% of TopDown’s catalog, were the culprits for over half of their setbacks. Digging further, we identified two nascent, yet highly aggressive competitors tailor-made for Amazon supremacy. These competitors were pitching lower-tier products at slashed prices, misleadingly showcasing them on par with TopDown’s quality. In response, we reinvigorated TopDown’s Amazon presence. This entailed enhancing listings with A+ content, intensifying our on-platform promotions, and making strategic price tweaks to counteract the competition.


Our strategic interventions revitalized TopDown’s sales momentum. The combined effect of enhanced listings, aggressive advertising, and tactical pricing not only countered the fierce competitors but also set TopDown back on its ascending growth path on Amazon.

TopDown, Inc.

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Alex Hultgren

Alex Hultgren

Fractional CMO/Interim Leader

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Matthew Obendorf

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