Automated Email Mastery

Automated Email Mastery

Case Study

Driving Nixon Forward: Automated Email Flows for Renewed Engagement



Nixon, a brand with a thriving email program, found itself at a crossroads. Despite effective outcomes, the manual-intensive nature of their marketing emails was rapidly becoming unsustainable. The laborious process hindered scalability, prompting a search for an automated solution that would harness the potential of targeted events without straining resources.


Stepping into this challenge, Chameleon Collective collaborated closely with Nixon to architect a multi-faceted triggered email series. This wasn’t just a mere introduction of automation; it was about creating smart, responsive sequences attuned to consumers’ individual stages—whether pre-purchase, post-purchase, or anywhere in between. The meticulously crafted series—spanning post-purchase, bounce back, and win back scenarios—were designed with a nuanced approach, ensuring regular customers received tailored interactions without feeling overwhelmed. Chameleon’s team was hands-on throughout, from the aesthetic (UX and UI) and technical design of these emails to their integration into Klaviyo, culminating in advanced flows buttressed by rigorous QA support.


When the decisive holiday season rolled around, Nixon was primed for transformation. As 2023 dawned, they had three distinct automated email sequences in place, converting their vast, engaged audience into a formidable cohort of repeat customers.

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