Automation And Lead Mgmt

Automation And Lead Mgmt

Case Study

Grammarly’s Leap into B2B: Implementing Marketing Automation for Enhanced Growth



Grammarly’s rapid growth in the market demanded a shift from individual customers to larger team and department-level offerings, which required a more streamlined B2B strategy. The company needed to efficiently manage and engage marketing-generated leads while integrating this new approach into their existing technology stack.


Chameleon Collective was brought onboard to create a comprehensive lead management strategy and implement Pardot, a leading marketing automation system, into Grammarly’s technological infrastructure. We engaged with various stakeholders to outline the strategy and processes required for managing marketing leads effectively. This system was integrated with Grammarly’s existing technology stack, which included tools like Salesforce, Drift, Chili Piper, and Clearbit. Additionally, we conducted extensive training for cross-functional teams on various aspects of Pardot and lead management, ranging from campaign setup, technical setup, and maintenance, to list and lead management.


The implementation of the lead management strategy and marketing automation system significantly streamlined Grammarly’s approach to their B2B offerings. The successful integration of Pardot and the improved lead management process equipped Grammarly with the tools needed for rapid and efficient scaling of their B2B sector.


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Susan Martindill

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