PR For Relaunch

PR For Relaunch

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Strategic Pivot: Rebranding Allure Security for Enhanced Market Reach



Allure Security, a leading cybersecurity research and development firm, grappled with the challenge of commercializing its cutting-edge technology. Despite initial successes and industry recognition, Allure soon acknowledged the imperative need for a strategic metamorphosis to widen its customer reach and refine its market stance.


Chameleon Collective was pivotal in the launch of Allure Security, securing a vast amount of earned media coverage. As the landscape shifted, Chameleon collaborated intimately with Allure’s senior brass and marketing division to sculpt new messaging and product positioning. The redefined strategy encompassed a bespoke PR blueprint, encapsulating company updates, product unveilings, accolades, guest features, and speaker spots.


Allure Security saw remarkable outcomes, including being a finalist in the Cloud/SaaS Awards, winning the Info Security Global Excellence Awards for “Best New Product or Service,” and being named the “Incident Response Provider of the Year” in the Cloud Breakthrough Awards. Over a year, they garnered 170+ media hits. The strategic pivot secured more than 20 pieces of media coverage around the re-launch alone, and 30 more pieces of coverage in top media outlets like Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, Dark Reading, and Help Net Security, positioning Allure as a key player in the phishing detection market.


PR For RelaunchPR For Relaunch

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