Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

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Case Study

Driving Persado’s Brand Awareness: An Integrated Marketing Triumph



Persado, an AI platform offering meaningful communication solutions for brands, sought to heighten its own brand awareness and engage key B2B decision-makers. The primary objective was to fuel sales efforts and secure a strategic partnership with JPMorgan Chase through their inaugural integrated marketing campaign.


Chameleon Collective developed an all-encompassing strategy that targeted multiple touchpoints, ensuring Persado’s brand presence was prominent in key markets. The campaign involved diverse elements like DOOH (Digital Out of Home), Mobile, Display, SEM, and strategic takeovers in the Wall Street Journal. This multifaceted approach leveraged various platforms to maximize reach and engagement.


The campaign drastically amplified website traffic, with an 80% increase in monthly visitors and a staggering 181% boost in direct users. Almost 95% of the traffic during the campaign period were new users, signifying successful audience expansion. Mobile users to the website increased by 25%, indicating an effective cross-platform strategy. The campaign also optimized advertising efficiency, achieving a 50% reduction in market CPMs. In terms of monetary value, the campaign generated $85K of media value for the client. In essence, Persado’s first integrated marketing campaign significantly outperformed expectations, securing a solid foundation for future marketing efforts.


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