Brand Development

Brand Development

A pair of polished black dress shoes on a herringbone-patterned wood floor. The person is standing, with their feet slightly apart, wearing dark pants—perfectly capturing the essence of brand development through sharp visuals. The wood floor consists of light and dark grayish-brown planks.

Case Study

Mannington’s Evolution: Fusing Brand Strategy and Creative Excellence for Market Dominance



Mannington, America’s largest privately-held flooring manufacturer, was on a mission to publicize their groundbreaking recycling program. Their initial request was to develop a media strategy to share their innovation with the world. However, we saw an opportunity for a much larger scale of strategic integration, enabling the media strategy to serve as a subset of the broader brand communications.


Our team worked closely with Mannington over several years to embed communication design into various facets of their operations. We started by integrating communication design into product development, to ensure that the brand story was inherent in each product. We then moved into public relations, designing competitions, and developing award-winning NeoCon trade show exhibits. Further integrating the brand strategy, we helped with product naming, marketing materials, app launches, and environmental design. Our strategic brand narrative was also weaved into Mannington’s sustainability initiatives, ensuring their commitment to the environment was clearly communicated. One of the notable programs we collaborated on was a pay-what-you-can program for K-12 public schools, reinforcing Mannington’s commitment to the community and building positive brand associations.


This comprehensive approach to brand strategy and creative not only enabled Mannington to announce their revolutionary recycling program but also facilitated a complete transformation of their brand communications. By integrating communication design across their operations, Mannington now offers a consistent and compelling brand story, resulting in greater market presence, a cohesive brand image, and improved customer engagement.



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