Brand Evolution

Brand Evolution

Case Study

DNA of a Brand: OnRamp Biomedical’s Transformation into ROSALIND



San Diego-based OnRamp Biomedical sought to pivot from being only the company behind a leading SaaS platform for scientists. The challenge was to evolve their brand, positioning it as an entity synonymous with their platform, while also ensuring clarity, consistency, and resonance within the scientific community.


The Chameleon Collective team embarked on a comprehensive branding journey, navigating the intricacies of scientific symbolism and corporate identity. Drawing inspiration from the DNA’s 10-point cross-cut section, often regarded as the ‘flower of life’ and its inherent golden ratio, the ROSALIND brand identity was sculpted. The design’s nucleus emerged from this very DNA cross-section, representing the core of scientific exploration. The fluid gradient within the icon signified the constant evolution of data, and the interconnected petals echoed ROSALIND’s foundational principles of unification and collaboration. Furthermore, the resemblance of the icon to a rose subtly paid tribute to Rosalind Franklin, the brand’s namesake, intertwining heritage and modernity.


The re-launch not only elevated their brand identity but the fresh identity seamlessly merged historical relevance with future-forward design, creating a compelling narrative that resonated with the scientific community and strengthened ROSALIND’s market position.


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Fabian Geyrhalter

Fabian Geyrhalter

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