Brand Marketing Campaign

Brand Marketing Campaign

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Navigating Digital Transformation with Beacon Discovery



As the driving force behind the world’s premier trade show for natural and organic products, New Hope Network—under the umbrella of Informa Markets—has always thrived on face-to-face interactions. But the unforeseen challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic demanded a shift. They needed a modern solution that would uphold their legacy of connecting brands with retailers and buyers in a disrupted landscape. Enter Beacon Discovery: a promising online platform built to bridge this gap. However, its launch necessitated impeccable brand strategy and sharp messaging to ensure its success.


Chameleon Collective initiated the transformation with a methodical dive into understanding the intricacies of Beacon’s offerings and its core audience. Leveraging this insight, we sculpted a brand strategy that epitomized Beacon’s mission, vision, purpose, and positioning. This strategic roadmap fueled the birth of a striking new logo and a myriad of design elements. Beyond visuals, it laid the groundwork for aggressive growth marketing campaigns. We also crafted key messages, ensuring consistent and compelling communication across varied mediums—website content, email campaigns, trade show visuals, social media campaigns, and beyond.


The market’s reception to Beacon Discovery was nothing short of stellar. Retailers now saw Beacon not just as an alternative but a powerful adjunct to connect with brands, accelerating the journey of products from discovery to store shelves. As the world reopened and Natural Products Expo events resumed, Beacon Discovery didn’t fade into the background. Instead, it amplified the Expo experience. Retailers could now scout for brands pre-show and establish in-person connections, while also enjoying year-round product exploration on Beacon.


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