Brand Resurrection

Brand Resurrection

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Case Study

Reinventing a Corporate Reputation Through Stronger Product Brands



Propex, a leading geosynthetic solutions company, was facing a significant challenge – their corporate reputation was faltering due to a series of setbacks. They approached us seeking a solution that could rejuvenate their image and re-establish their standing in the industry.


Understanding the strength and equity in Propex’s product lines, we decided to devise a Master Brand Strategy with a special focus on their Concrete Reinforcement division, Fibermesh. However, we soon identified a problem – the existing positioning of Fibermesh, “Making good concrete better,” lacked impact, aspiration, and gave off a sense of commoditization of their reinforcing capabilities. We embarked on a journey with Propex to reshape their branding strategy, promoting the Concrete Reinforcement and Geotextiles divisions as the driving force behind the parent company’s brand. This involved significant repositioning efforts to cast Fibermesh as more than just an enhancer of good concrete but a crucial component in superior construction solutions.


Over a span of two years, Propex followed this new strategic pathway, foregrounding their product brands to rebuild their corporate reputation. This shift, building success upon success, has enabled Propex to reshape its future and regain its position as a respected industry leader. The proactive use of product branding not only reinforced Propex’s reputation but also brought new life and vigour to their overall corporate image.


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