Company Website Revamped

Company Website Revamped

Case Study

Web Alchemy: Polishing Marla Aaron’s Digital Presence



Marla Aaron, a bespoke jewelry brand, had an outdated digital storefront. Customers found it challenging to explore the full range of exquisite products, and the path to purchase was winding and cumbersome.


Chameleon Collective took the bull by the horns, diving deep to discern the core pain points of the website’s user journey. Recognizing the paramount importance of user engagement and brand awareness, we built customized modules tailored to showcase the breadth and depth of Marla Aaron’s offerings. One such bespoke creation was the engraving module – a game-changer, enabling buyers to add a personal touch seamlessly. Beyond just revamping the website, we equipped the Marla Aaron team with comprehensive documentation, ensuring they could easily manage, update, and maintain the new site moving forward.


Though the revamped website is on the cusp of its grand launch, the anticipatory buzz is palpable. We’re confident that with the changes, Marla Aaron will witness a remarkable boost in user engagement. The newfound ease and allure of the buying journey hint at a significant upturn in sales, propelling the brand to new digital heights.

Tastefairy Corp dba Marla Aaron

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Steve Rucker

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