Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

A person in a yellow jacket holds a vintage-style instant camera, showcasing the charm of retro consumer electronics. The grey-bodied gadget features a black and red shutter button, with a small rainbow stripe on the front. The lens sits in the center and a flash is positioned to the right, obscuring their face.

Case Study

Polaroid Reimagined:  The Power of Right People in Digital Transformation



As the original home of analog instant photography, Polaroid has experienced an 82-year journey of name changes and market evolution. Their mission to create tools that bring people together in human and meaningful ways remained constant, but the team needed to evolve for the digital age.


Chameleon Collective initiated its partnership with Polaroid by placing an interim CMO with a stellar background in consumer retail. Her first task was to stabilize the team and design a new organizational structure to meet future needs. The interim period proved so successful that she was offered and accepted a permanent role in the leadership team. The crux of our approach was a focus on recruitment. Working directly with the newly minted CMO, we endeavored to scale Polaroid’s EU team. Within the span of three months, we filled three vital roles – the Head of Operations, VP of Integrated Marketing & Communications, and a Senior Brand Strategist. 


Our targeted recruitment strategy has effectively set the stage for a robust digital transformation within Polaroid. By prioritizing talent acquisition and team building, we’ve positioned the company for digital success. Our efforts have not only invigorated the existing team but have also facilitated the development of a dynamic, future-proof organizational structure. This reinvigorated team now stands at the forefront of Polaroid’s digital revolution, ready to bring the brand into its exciting next phase.

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Monika Ryan

Monika Ryan

Partner & Executive Recruiter

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