Monika Ryan


Monika Ryan

A firm believer in connectivity, collaboration and innovation. I help identify and match cutting edge talent with career changing opportunities at every level. As a Talent Connector, my goal is to understand the ins and outs of our business partners & build trust driven relationships in order to strategize an action plan & bring the very best talent to our clients.

Finding top talent in the highly competitive marketplace requires so much more than a few key -strokes into a search engine or social media site. It requires industry knowledge, research, outstanding customer service, and a very candid and consultative approach. As an Executive recruiter with 10+ years of experience in my field I am aware of the intricacies of recruiting & being able to consistently create long-term matches for clients and candidates alike.


John Martin, Chief Revenue Officer at Fishbowl Inc.
We hired Monika Ryan when I started recruiting early in 2013 at BinWise. Talent House has delivered the most qualified candidates for us and we have hired 3 so far. Monika drove those candidates to us. She is professional, prompt, reliable and filled with integrity. She is always a step ahead of me in terms of follow up and getting candidates in front of me. She is a driver, but has balance and is not overbearing. I will be working with Monika professionally as long as I am a VP of Sales.