Ivonne Azurdia


Ivonne Azurdia

As an Interim Creative Director, Ivonne works closely with leadership teams, in-house marketing teams, and designers to help clients communicate and connect with their customers through thoughtful, current, and engaging messaging. During her career, Ivonne has worked with several global and local brands such as; Remy Cointreau, Blink Fitness, Atlantis Resort, Coca-Cola, and Bugaboo. At Blink Fitness she led a small team of designers and copywriters to create branded digital content for internal and external marketing needs, ensuring the storytelling aligns with business goals and consumer insights.

Prior to embarking on the world of Marketing and Advertising, Ivonne was co-founder of a Theater Company in Miami. She was also an acting member and resident playwright, penning and producing 9 plays, two of which won her awards for Best New Play

As a copywriter-based Creative Director with an acting and playwriting background, she finds that drilling down into the human condition to find the words, stories, and emotional hooks that resonate with people is the best way to communicate. Being a fan of pop culture, psychology, and strategy help bring a new and exciting perspective to her work and allows her to create nuanced connections with consumers.

When she’s not delivering best-in-class marketing materials and campaigns you can find her telling jokes at Comedy Clubs in NYC.