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Ivonne Azurdia

ivonne azurdia

Ivonne Azurdia

Creative Director of Copy


Everyone has a story to tell, but only some can articulate them. Ivonne is a creative to her core. She started her writing career as playwright and cofounder of an independent theater company based in Miami, Florida. She parlayed that experience and understanding of human insight, motivation, and dialogue into a career in advertising. She now brings with her a set of unique skills to tackle any and all challenges from the lens of a communicator. Ivonne had her debut into the professional ad world as a copywriter at iChameleon Group and since then has worked with other top agencies such as: Firstborn, Sapient, MullenLoweProfero and iHeartMedia. In her 9+ years as an advertising professional she’s worked with many top brands that range from: Alcohol, Consumer Goods and Events to Tech, Online Publications and Radio. She’s played above the line, below the line, and toed the line. Her goal is to help clients articulate their desired goal in a way that deeply connects with their consumers. Because in the end, we all just want to be understood.


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