Track Collection

Track Collection

A poster shows a woman and a young girl walking with a baby stroller against a light blue background. The woman is pushing the stroller while the girl walks beside her. The poster features the "Bugaboo" logo, tagline "Strolling never looked this good," product details, and highlights the new Track Collection.

Case Study

Style On-The-Go: The Successful Digital Launch of the Track Collection Stroller



Our client aimed to strengthen their brand connection with consumers by launching a stylish limited edition stroller, the Track Collection. This product was specifically designed to appeal to the understated, casual, and modern style sensibilities of today’s parents. The challenge lay in communicating this unique style value proposition effectively to their target market.


Recognizing that our audience was the Instagram-generation of parents, we adopted a digital-first marketing strategy. We crafted a campaign that featured visually striking, Omni-toned photography and clever messaging that spoke to both the product’s style and function. Our approach extended to Instagram posts, gifs, editorials, and complementary web design to create a cohesive visual narrative around the Track Collection.


Our client’s Instagram engagement significantly increased as a result of this strategic campaign, experiencing a 5X growth. The Track Collection resonated well with the target audience, demonstrating that a perfect blend of style and function can indeed be a winning formula in the modern parenting market. This successful launch not only introduced a trendy stroller to the market but also deepened our client’s brand connection with their consumers.


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Juan-Carlos Morales

Juan-Carlos Morales

Executive Creative Director

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Ivonne Azurdia


Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos

Interim Creative Director

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