Voyager Business Transformation

Voyager Business Transformation

Case Study

Redefining the Crypto Frontier: Voyager’s Transformation with Chameleon Collective



Voyager, a trailblazing cryptocurrency brokerage brainchild of Uber co-founder Oscar Salazar and former E*Trade executive Steve Ehrlich, faced the intricate challenge of creating pre-launch buzz in a turbulent industry. With major advertising giants like Facebook and Google imposing bans on crypto advertising and the financial market undergoing corrections, the stakes were high. Additionally, Voyager’s ambition was not just to launch a platform, but to establish an identity that would make the intimidating crypto finance landscape more relatable and trustworthy.


As Voyager strived to bring crypto currency trading to the masses a strong customer experience was imperative. 


Recognizing these challenges, Chameleon Collective placed an Interim CMO with significant expertise in cryptocurrencies at the helm of Voyager’s marketing strategies. This individual’s extensive background played a pivotal role in identifying Voyager’s unique positioning within the industry. By defining robust growth and marketing strategies, they laid down the foundational blueprint for Voyager’s vision. Furthermore, with their guidance, the company meticulously crafted its marketing organization, pinpointing and recruiting an internal team adept at steering Voyager towards its envisioned path.



Brand Development:

To echo the traditional trustworthiness of financial institutions and resonate with the dynamism of modern fintech startups, a comprehensive brand identity and design system was forged. Voyager was meticulously positioned to cater to the audacious early adopters in the crypto sphere – those willing to embrace future risks and challenge norms. To visually encapsulate this, a color palette comprising deep purple, symbolizing wisdom and trust, and mint, reflecting freshness, was adopted. This branding was enhanced by a visual design emphasizing upward progress, signifying the evolving nature of crypto trading.

Product Design:

Drawing from profound design experiences with brands like AMEX and Wirecard, and integrating user-friendly practices from platforms such as Robinhood, Stash, and Acorns, the team set out to reinvent Voyager’s crypto trading application. Balancing the allure of cryptocurrency’s speed and potential, the user interface was designed to simplify trading for traditional online investors.

Launch Campaigns:

Undeterred by advertising obstacles, the strategy incorporated the creation of a viral marketing program. Leveraging collaborations with renowned crypto bloggers and influencers, the campaign created significant buzz. These figures shared Voyager’s narrative, amplified by targeted paid advertising on niche crypto networks and financial publishers, cleverly sidestepping mainstream platform restrictions.


The Interim CMO’s role was not just transformational but also synergistic. As the project progressed, it became evident that their alignment with Voyager’s vision was impeccable. Their eventual transition from an interim position to a permanent fixture in Voyager emphasized Chameleon Collective’s commitment and adaptability.


Chameleon Collective’s efforts catalyzed a 200% user engagement surge for Voyager.



The combination of strategic leadership, brand development, and innovative design bore fruit in real numbers. Voyager witnessed a staggering 200% surge in user engagement in the final month of its pre-launch campaign. With the unveiling of their sophisticated native iOS application, Voyager seamlessly bridged the complexities of cryptocurrency trading with an intuitive interface, thereby amplifying the user experience. Chameleon Collective’s integrated approach had not just met, but exceeded the ambitious targets set by Voyager, setting a new gold standard in the crypto brokerage space.

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