Content Strategy Innovation

Content Strategy Innovation

A black dog with large, pointed ears is sitting on a wooden dock next to a body of water. The dog, representing innovation, is holding an orange collar in its mouth and gazing attentively ahead. The background features a clear, blue sky reflecting in the water.

Case Study

PupRight Vision: Carving Out Authenticity in the Pet Media Landscape



Fi, a tech innovator producing GPS-enabled smart collars, faced an identity crisis with their media offering, “Off the Leash”. Initially meant as a genuine voice, it seemed overtaken by the marketing needs of Fi’s core collar business. Leadership aspired for a distinct media brand that resonated authentically with Fi’s dedicated customer base without overt ties to the company’s direct-to-consumer efforts.


Chameleon Collective embarked on an immersive content development journey. Initially, we dove deep into Fi’s clientele psyche, charting out their concerns, interests, and engagement drivers. Our comprehensive competitive analysis of the dog owner media sphere highlighted gaps and opportunities. This knowledge birthed a content strategy pinpointing an untouched niche: service content seeking to elevate both pets and their guardians, distinctly opposed to the prevailing condescending tone in pet media. With our strategic positioning defined, we crafted a targeted audience plan in sync with our unique content direction. To our astonishment, “” was available, serving as our chosen platform. We then set up a Squarespace site integrated with Mail Chimp for newsletter distribution. Our content model leaned heavily on AI, influencers, and a dedicated content manager. In conjunction, we assisted Fi in scouting potential General Managers for PupRight.


Though our vision for PupRight was clear and strategically mapped, Fi’s leadership made a strategic decision to prioritize other investments. Despite the project’s discontinuation, our work with Fi highlighted Chameleon Collective’s expertise in ideating, strategizing, and readying a unique media brand. Even without a data strategy for PupRight and the choice of ad-only monetization, our projections estimated a break-even by the project’s second year—demonstrating our dedication to not just innovation but also viability.

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