Creating New Digital Platform

Creating New Digital Platform

Case Study

Redefining Luxury: Digitizing the Hirshleifers Experience



Despite being a major player in the retail market, Hirshleifers was largely focused on their physical store and social media, with less emphasis on their e-commerce presence. Recognizing the untapped potential and the need to differentiate from competitors, Hirshleifers sought to create an exceptional digital experience that would cater to both existing customers and a wider audience.


Chameleon Collective came up with an innovative digital strategy and worked with Hirshleifers to execute it, including the design and development of a novel digital platform. This platform combined inspirational lifestyle imagery, brand discovery and effortless shopping with a new hub to showcase collaborations, events and Hirshleifers’ unique offerings. This new digital experience conveyed Hirshleifers distinct curation while allowing the allure of individual products and fashion brands to shine through and engage the customer.


The digital platform offers a fresh perspective on the Hirshleifers’ brand universe, enabling customers to view them as they would in-store—adjacent and interconnected. This fosters a personalized journey, where customers explore collections on their own terms. These digital building blocks, echoing the physical space, provide engaging and unique mechanics across all media while displaying the extensive product range available at Hirshleifers. By complementing the in-store experience online, we’ve set Hirshleifers apart in the digital retail space, enhancing its customer engagement and market reach.


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Ilan Tito

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