Digital Journey Optimization

Digital Journey Optimization

A presentation slide titled "Seating Dialogs on Mobile" showcases an image of a mobile screen with a seating offer and text detailing a user testing issue. The problem, priority, and solution for popup redesign are highlighted as crucial steps in Digital Journey Optimization, including a video example link.

Case Study

Breathing New Life into Breeze Airways’ Digital Journey



Breeze Airways, known for their commitment to exemplary customer experiences, were keen to refine and optimize their digital guest touchpoints. Central to their concerns were the booking funnel and the Mobile App, both critical areas requiring seamless UX and ease of use in order to maximize conversions.


Chameleon Collective first sought to deeply understand the users’ behavior, interactions, and pain points. Analytics provided a high-level picture of the user journey, allowing the team to pinpoint areas that had high drop-off and needed the most attention. Heatmaps gave us a visual representation of user actions, revealing sections were highly engaged, or those that were frequently bypassed. Adding a qualitative layer to our approach, we engaged in user testing, soliciting feedback to truly capture users’ sentiment and specific concerns. The rich data accumulated from these sources fed into an exhaustive UX audit of the guest screens. Our team meticulously evaluated every stage of the booking funnel & Mobile App, pinpointing bugs, problematic UIs, and confusing elements that may have been overlooked in routine maintenance. From this, we designed solutions tailored to Breeze Airways’ specific needs. The final phase was to transform this exhaustive analysis into a set of actionable and prioritized recommendations, a roadmap to not only address existing challenges but also to proactively enhance the user experience for future interactions.


Our audit resulted in the identification and prioritization of over 100 actionable items. Critical bugs and glitches, potential conversion roadblocks, were highlighted for expedited service. In addition, our UX/UI recommendations not only streamlined the user’s journey but also created avenues for enhanced online revenue generation through intuitive upgrade capabilities.


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