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Digital Strategy & Execution

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Strategic Partnerships and Swift Action Propel Shopkick’s Mobile Rewards Business



Shopkick, a leading player in the mobile rewards sector, approached Chameleon Collective with a challenging task. The company was looking for strategic guidance and hands-on operational support to scale their performance marketing channel over an 18-month engagement. Shopkick was seeking innovation in influencer and content relationships, performance-based media campaigns, programmatic display, and affiliate program management. They also needed in-depth strategy work to evolve their business model.


Understanding the fast-paced nature of the mobile rewards industry, our team worked swiftly, designing a holistic strategy to enhance Shopkick’s marketing capabilities. We prioritized strategic partnerships, performance-based campaigns, content and influencer relationships, and the effective launch of an affiliate program. Our team initiated swift action by effectively executing CPI (Cost Per Install) and CPL (Cost Per Lead) media campaigns focused on high app engagement KPIs, launching an affiliate program, and forging key partnerships to expand Shopkick’s marketing capabilities. Concurrently, we provided strategic planning to the C-level  to evolve Shopkick’s business model, enabling them to adapt in a rapidly changing market.


Our fast-thinking approach and ability to create opportunities led to impressive results for Shopkick. The strategic partnerships we initiated not only expanded their marketing capabilities but also opened up new revenue streams. In addition, the performance-based media campaigns, programmatic display initiatives, and the new affiliate program significantly enhanced Shopkick’s user engagement and acquisition.


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