Sean MacBeth

Head of Growth / Performance Marketing

Sean MacBeth has 20 years’ experience across marketing, sales, and business development at the executive level. His “magic power” is Performance Marketing--driving profitable revenue against clearly defined marketing and financial metrics.

His areas of expertise include: interim executive leadership; strategic business reviews; digital marketing strategy and partnerships, martech evaluations and executions; analytics and attribution assessment; team management and assessment; hiring and staffing.

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Latest Posts by Sean MacBeth

4 Ways To Build Your Prospect Email List

This blog is an excerpt that was originally published on Email Isn’t Dead. Email’s imminent demise has been heralded by media pundits for almost as long as I’ve been in the business–20 years now. And yet it remains a top 3 channel for profitability, engagement, and conversion rates for nearly every brand, with $38 […]

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