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Sean MacBeth

Sean MacBeth

Interim Head of Marketing & Growth


Sean MacBeth has 20 years’ experience in marketing, advertising, and e-commerce. His specialty is crafting and overseeing the execution of data-driven media strategies that drive sustainable, profitable growth.

Sean’s engagements begin by evaluating a brand’s existing consumer data to identify the core buyer audience as well as strengths and weaknesses present all along the customer journey. He then sets in place the strategic partnerships, talent, and tools that unlock brand awareness and revenu growth.

Prior to joining Chameleon, he operated his own digital performance agency, which achieved profitability and scale within six months. He also held executive roles at various Bay Area startups (all of which either went public or had successful exits) and two multi-billion dollar corporations, including the digital direct marketing arm of United MileagePlus.

At Chameleon, Sean has worked primarily within the Retail Practice, assisting a multitude of brands with key strategic initiatives, streamlining their marketing operations, and effectively scaling user and revenue growth.