Messaging Update For Target Launch

Messaging Update For Target Launch

Case Study

Bradshaw’s Infuse Launch: A Swift Marketing Revamp



Bradshaw International, just weeks from launching its environmentally friendly mop system, Infuse, at Target, found itself dissatisfied with the messaging prepared by two other design and branding agencies. With stringent Target Vendor Guidelines and a fast-approaching deadline, they needed a swift overhaul of their taglines, campaign headlines, and web copy.


Undeterred by the highly condensed timeline, Chameleon Collective got to work immediately, infusing clarity, appeal, and compliance into Bradshaw’s messaging. We rapidly developed new taglines, campaign headlines, and full web copy that both satisfied Bradshaw and adhered to Target’s strict vendor guidelines.


Following the successful launch, we continued to support Bradshaw’s content needs, crafting SEO-optimized articles, blog posts, social media content, and a series of emails designed to engage and convert new customers. Despite the challenging timeframe, our swift and strategic approach helped Bradshaw effectively communicate the Infuse brand, reinforcing the value of agile, quality messaging in marketing success.


Messaging Update For Target LaunchMessaging Update For Target LaunchMessaging Update For Target Launch

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