Elevating Brand Elegance

Elevating Brand Elegance

Case Study

Crafting Elegance: The Dee Ocleppo Brand Renaissance



Dee Ocleppo, a rising star in the luxury fashion world, faced a challenge: her designer handbags and shoes were gaining traction, but her brand voice and presentation weren’t reflecting the craftsmanship and elegance of the products. While her offerings resonated with high-fashion lovers, the absence of a consistent brand voice and visual guide meant the online presence and marketing efforts lacked cohesion and strength.


Enter Chameleon Collective. Our dynamic duo, designer Hugo Broche and copywriter Johnny Cate, collaborated to redefine Dee Ocleppo’s brand essence. Johnny embarked on a journey to craft a brand voice that would do justice to Dee’s sophisticated creations, culminating in a rich, distinctive tone that echoed luxury and authenticity. 

After several sessions with Dee and fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger, Johnny’s new voice for the brand was finalized. Parallelly, Hugo immersed himself in this newfound voice, sculpting it into a visual design guide that celebrated and amplified Dee’s product range.


Post the Chameleon Collective touch, Dee Ocleppo’s brand was reborn. With a revamped voice and design in place, the brand experienced unparalleled success. Record-breaking sales days became the norm, and content engagement soared to all-time highs, affirming the power of aligning brand voice with product excellence.

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Team Members

Hugo Broche

Hugo Broche

Design Director, Brand/Product

Ilan Tito

Ilan Tito

Head of Ecommerce

Tavis Salazar

Tavis Salazar

Partner | Creative Director

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