Empowering Digital Essence

Empowering Digital Essence

Case Study

Crafting a Comprehensive Brand Identity for Files.com



Action Verb reached out with a unique challenge on hand. Having already procured the impactful domain name, Files.com, they needed to infuse life and meaning into this platform, which was largely transactional in nature despite its massive usage by over 2,000 enterprises and SMBs, including giants like Target, UPS, and Marriott. Their goal was to establish a cohesive brand identity that embodied the platform’s essence, but how do you create a soul for a site that essentially deals with files?


Chameleon Collective partnered with Action Verb for an intensive one-day Resonaid brand workshop in Long Beach, CA. We recognized that while Files.com was a platform for sharing and organizing files, at its heart, it dealt with ‘things that matter.’ This insight led to the theme, ‘Files are things that matter.’ Amplifying this perspective, we developed the mission statement: ‘We are on a mission to empower you to unlock the potential of your files through secure tools for organization and collaboration to propel your productivity and accomplishments.’ After all, humans are innate creators, and what they create deserves to be shared and celebrated. With Files.com’s Brand DNA of ‘clarity’ at the forefront, we set out to visually capture this essence.


The outcome was a brand identity design that encapsulated the essence of Files.com’s mission and values. By introducing an iconic pinwheel, we symbolized the perpetual motion of productivity, collaboration, and organization inherent in the cloud platform. Simple triangular motifs subtly reflected a document’s corner fold, grounding the design in the platform’s fundamental purpose – files. This new identity not only elevated Files.com’s digital presence but also gave it a more profound meaning and connection with its vast user base.

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