Financial Services Interim Communications Leader

Financial Services Interim Communications Leader

Case Study

Narrative Revolution: Our Leader Help Create A Digital Payments Leader



After a decade in the global digital payments business, WorldRemit was eager to transform its narrative from a remittance company to a recognized global digital payments entity. The need for skilled, interim leadership in Public Relations was evident.


Chameleon Collective answered the call by providing an Interim Global Public Relations Director, an experienced navigator to steer this pivotal brand transition. The PR Director played a crucial role in preparing all members of the Executive Committee and key country leads for this shift. Through meticulous media training, they ensured that everyone was equipped to project a consistent and compelling brand narrative, effectively transitioning WorldRemit’s brand image across multiple markets. In tandem, the PR Director pioneered a global content calendar. This strategic tool was pivotal for generating and timing compelling stories, creating a steady drumbeat of engaging narratives to pitch to major media outlets worldwide and disseminate through social media channels.


Over an eight-month period, WorldRemit experienced a tangible boost in its share of voice, growing by 4%. However, the most notable achievement was the successful rebranding. WorldRemit’s identity shifted in global discourse, moving from a remittance company to a recognized global digital payments company. This pivotal change was reflected in significant coverage in high-profile publications such as CNN Travel, Forbes, The Guardian, CNBC Africa, and the BBC.


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