Gaming Election Satire

Gaming Election Satire

Case Study

Operating Under Spotlight: Surgeon Simulator’s Innovative Expansion Campaign



Amid the backdrop of a buzzing election environment, the task at hand was to introduce an ambitious expansion for the famed Surgeon Simulator video game. The twist? Replacing the conventional patient with the polarizing figure of Donald Trump. However, a major hurdle was the constrained budget, making the mission seemingly insurmountable.


The campaign was steered to leverage the power of influence and content. Huge exposure was achieved by engaging popular YouTubers, offering early access to the expansion, in exchange for spotlighting the game on their vast platforms. By engaging the in-house video production team, a series of promotional content was developed – trailers, gameplay sneak peeks, interactive sessions, and more. The game’s website was re-invented, providing a real-time tracking mechanism for players to view the ongoing ‘votes’ for Trump’s heart replacement – gold or stone. To maximize outreach and content resonance, a specialized PR agency was incorporated into our strategy.


The carefully orchestrated strategy led to explosive results. An overwhelming 116 million YouTube impressions. This innovative campaign substantially drove the game’s popularity, culminating in a remarkable 3 million unit sales, reinforcing the efficacy of this unique approach and the game’s immersive appeal.

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