Brand Voice, Taglines, and Key Messaging

Brand Voice, Taglines, and Key Messaging

Case Study

Clean Republic’s Journey: From Exclusive to Accessible Through Strategic Marketing



Clean Republic, known for its disinfectant used in spas and high-end hotels, had a product with the potential to be a game-changer during the pandemic. Despite its simple composition of salt, water, and electricity, it was EPA approved to kill COVID. With a new, lower-concentration All-Purpose Cleaner for everyday use, Clean Republic aimed to extend its reach beyond hospitals and commercial cleaning companies to everyday households. The challenge was crafting a compelling brand voice and messaging to resonate with this broader audience.


We developed a comprehensive marketing strategy, building a distinct brand voice, taglines, and key messaging to emphasize Clean Republic’s unique value proposition. This involved creating ads, email marketing, and body copy for campaigns across multiple channels. The underlying message was clear: Clean Republic offers “life, liberty, and the pursuit of healthiness for all.”


Our marketing efforts brought Clean Republic’s message to the forefront, enabling the brand to connect with a wider consumer base. As a result, Clean Republic transitioned from a niche product to a go-to solution for households seeking a safer, cleaner environment during the pandemic and beyond.


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