In-Depth Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

In-Depth Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

A stack of wooden floorboards lies on the floor next to a hammer. Behind them, a circular saw with a yellow base and a vacuum cleaner are slightly out of focus, suggesting an ongoing flooring or carpentry project requiring in-depth analysis for optimal results.

Case Study

Crafting a Digital Foundation for Express Flooring’s Future



Express Flooring, a leading flooring service in Arizona and Texas, recognized the need to rejuvenate their digital presence. More than just a visual refresh of the brand, they envisioned a website that would act as powerhouse for lead generation that would drive quality leads to their sales team to ultimately deliver revenue and growth for the business.


Our journey began with an in-depth CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) audit – the compass to guide our redesign expedition. Drilling down into their analytics unveiled the bottlenecks that hampered conversions. Using heatmaps, we deciphered user interactions, spotlighting sections that engaged and areas that repelled. Further dissecting the under-performing pages, we fine-tuned both the UX and copy. These insights were then compiled into a prioritized action plan, a creating a roadmap of opportunities awaiting implementation.


The audit was more than just an analysis; it was the lighthouse Express Flooring needed. Armed with a roadmap for their redesign and actionable tactics, they embarked on their digital transformation journey. The results were immediate and staggering. After implementing key recommendations, their conversion rate soared by 30%, translating to a significant influx of leads (+350 monthly). By following the CRO Audit, the new website redesign didn’t just echo a new brand essence, but significantly transformed their lead generation and made an outstanding impact to their bottom line.

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Jeff Blettner

Jeff Blettner

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Ed Gold

Strategic Marketing & Lead Gen

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