Integrating Two Brands with One Name

Integrating Two Brands with One Name

Case Study

Crafting a Visionary Brand Name for Honeywell and Intel’s Pioneering Collaboration



Honeywell and Intel, two titans of industry, were on the verge of unveiling their first commercial unmanned aerial vehicle inspection service. They sought not just any name but one that would perfectly encapsulate the essence of this innovative venture and resonate with utility and industrial customers. The challenge was further intensified by the need to seamlessly integrate both brands without infringing on trademark regulations.


Leveraging the transformative RESONAID brand clarity workshop, Fabian orchestrated a strategy-focused gathering. By creating a focused product perspective and fostering shared language, he cultivated alignment amongst the team. This solid foundation paved the way for Fabian to meticulously craft a name—one that encapsulated the service’s unique benefits, highlighted the powerhouse collaboration between Honeywell and Intel, and navigated the tightrope of internal and external trademark intricacies.


The outcome was a name that not only clearly communicated the pioneering service’s functionality but also cemented the collaborative spirit between Honeywell and Intel. By bridging the essence of both brands and the innovation they jointly brought forth, the chosen name positioned the service ideally in the market, resonating with its target audience and setting the stage for a successful launch.

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Fabian Geyrhalter

Fabian Geyrhalter

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