Interim Head of Marketing

Interim Head of Marketing

Five clear glass bottles filled with liquid, arranged in a row. A single droplet of liquid is about to fall from a pipette positioned above the middle bottle. This meticulous setup resembles the interim plans illustrated by our Head of Marketing. The background is plain and white.

Case Study

Revamping Digital Marketing Strategy for CHASM, Inc



CHASM, Inc., an innovative global product firm, manipulates materials for enhanced performance using nanotubes. With numerous transitions and the development of several emerging product lines, the company’s marketing team found itself at a crossroads. They required a clear marketing strategy to refine their focus on critical sectors and generate Marketing Qualified Leads.


Under the leadership of our Interim Head of Communications & PR, Chameleon Collective quickly assessed CHASM’s marketing landscape. We audited their existing digital activities, identified growth areas, and refreshed their strategy with a keen eye on competitive trends and customer needs.Working side by side with CHASM, we launched multi-channel digital campaigns on LinkedIn ads, Google ads, with crafted user-centric landing pages. We kept a close watch on performance trends and optimized the campaigns regularly, all while managing a cost-effective paid media strategy. Stepping into the shoes of an interim director of marketing, we refined targeted lead generation programs and articulated a unique content voice on LinkedIn. Simultaneously, we initiated well-measured lead generation strategies across various platforms.


Through our tailored customer segmentation and campaign funnels, we enhanced CHASM’s content alignment with core customer values. With a surge in inbound traffic, our robust HubSpot retention sequences ensured continuous engagement with prospective leads. This not only fortified CRM reporting but also benchmarked lead generation, enabling refined media strategy evaluations. The outcome? A streamlined digital marketing approach propelling CHASM’s sustained growth.


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