Interim Marketing Director

Interim Marketing Director

Case Study

Backyard Discovery’s Digital Evolution: Navigated by Interim Leadership



For over 30 years, Backyard Discovery, a leading manufacturer of high-quality outdoor leisure products, cultivated outdoor family experiences with their product range. Yet, the company faced a significant gap: a direct relationship with its end consumers. Until 2016, their primary sales channels were through wholesalers, thus distancing them from their consumers. As digital channels advanced, the opportunity to sell directly to customers became an exciting but daunting prospect that needed expert navigation.


Chameleon Collective’s team, including an experience interim CMO and digitally centric Markteing Director, took on this transformative journey. They used cutting-edge technology and eCommerce tools to build a robust digital team and strategy for Backyard Discovery. The comprehensive solution encompassed a 360-degree consumer engagement strategy, preparing the brand to delve into the direct-to-consumer market. 


With the guidance and expertise of Chameleon’s interim leaders, Backyard Discovery saw rapid and significant progress. In just six months, the brand unveiled a revitalized, consumer-focused website and initiated a successful brand awareness event. Along with these milestones, Backyard Discovery also made its debut on Amazon, a major step in establishing their direct-to-consumer presence. Through this venture, Chameleon’s interim leadership demonstrated the potential of direct consumer engagement, reshaping Backyard Discovery’s sales strategy and establishing a stronger relationship with their consumers.


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Julie Mantis

Julie Mantis

Interim VP, Brand Strategy

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