Key Partnership for Growth

Key Partnership for Growth

Case Study

Driving Digital Growth through Strategic Partnerships



After securing $50M in Series C funding, Super had presence in only one channel, Real Estate. The pivotal challenge? Crafting a partnership strategy that would holistically address the Homebuyer/ Homeowner’s journey.


Chameleon Collective embarked on a methodical and expansive analysis to tackle the challenge. Delving deep, we identified a myriad of sectors ripe for our client’s digital-first approach, pinpointed viable distribution channels, and systematically categorized them using key valuation criteria. Prioritizing sectors based on strategic importance, we cultivated relationships with top-tier potential partners and then adeptly maneuvered into negotiation phases, with an overarching goal of crafting mutually beneficial contracts.


The result? Our endeavors culminated in the signing of multiple distribution partnerships, paving the way for access to millions of potential new subscribers. This strategic move promises to catalyze a nearly eight-figure boost in annual revenue, setting Super on an accelerated path to dramatically expand enterprise value.

Super Home, Inc

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Valerie Paliwal Milovic

Valerie Paliwal Milovic

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Adam Towvim

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