Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

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Case Study

Elevating Campaign Management at Origin Investments with Marketo Expertise



Origin Investments, having recently incorporated Marketo for marketing automation, encountered an unexpected setback when their Marketo administrator exited the company. The remaining small marketing team found themselves unable to independently manage their campaigns.


Chameleon Collective jumped in to assist Origin with the execution of crucial marketing campaigns. In addition to providing operational support for these campaigns, which had been under planning for several months, Chameleon took on the role of educator. We provided comprehensive training designed to equip the team with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively utilize Marketo, aiming for self-sufficiency within a month.


The engagement with Chameleon resulted in a significant enhancement of the marketing team’s Marketo competencies. We successfully provided training, troubleshooting, and execution support, leading to a substantial decrease in the time required to execute new campaigns – from days to mere hours. Additionally, Chameleon initiated a data cleanup drive for Marketo and Salesforce, further optimizing Origin’s marketing operations.


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Susan Martindill

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