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Marketing & Launch Strategy

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Crafting the Ultimate Spell: A Digital Rebirth for Harry Potter Aficionados



The illustrious Harry Potter franchise, with its vast fan base and countless digital destinations, faced a quandary. Its online presence was notably fragmented, leaving fans navigating through a maze of siloed experiences. The need was evident: a consolidated digital gateway that could seamlessly encapsulate the myriad facets of the Wizarding World


The team embarked on the ambitious quest to create, envisioning it as the ultimate portal for fans. This wouldn’t just be another site; it would merge the best of existing digital experiences through a cohesive registration system, website, app, e-commerce store, and social channels. To initiate, a comprehensive assessment of existing audiences was undertaken to clearly define segmentation. This clarity was instrumental in supporting the development of propositions that resonated deeply with the fan base. The next step was sculpting an all-encompassing marketing and launch strategy. With a clear roadmap in place, emphasis shifted towards structuring an adept marketing team, and managing both paid and organic marketing endeavors to meet stringent acquisition targets.


The results were spellbinding. In a short span, the platform successfully garnered a community of 24 million devoted fans. Strategic collaborations yielded 2 million app installs, and marketing acumen ensured engagement rates that eclipsed industry standards fivefold. Swift sales targets were achieved through e-commerce campaigns, and innovative SEO efforts resulted in registrations surpassing benchmarks. Not just metrics, the endeavor also led to accolades, with a campaign winning the Webby Award and registering monumental digital book sales.

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