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Media Strategy

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Beyond Boundaries: Chameleon Collective’s Media Strategy for Philip Morris International’s Transformation



Philip Morris International (PMI) embarked on a mission to reshape its public image, steering its narrative towards a commitment to “unsmoke” America. While their ultimate aim was to encourage cessation, they recognized the need to promote safer tobacco alternatives for those not ready to quit. PMI sought to amplify this message, especially among policymakers. Yet, a legacy shadow loomed large: many media partners resisted aligning with tobacco companies, even for advocacy advertising. PMI turned to Chameleon Collective to navigate this intricate media maze.


Determined to rewrite the playbook, Chameleon Collective zeroed in on esteemed publishers that had the ears of policymakers, business magnates, international government leaders, and vital healthcare professionals. Our blueprint involved not just persuading them about PMI’s evolved vision but aligning them with the company’s advocacy marketing thrust. Strides were made as we cracked open doors at several major National Newspapers and TV networks, along with their associated websites, and kept our momentum going with cable news platforms. Parallelly, we tuned into the pulse of multicultural audiences and their primary media choices, and sought inclusion in reputed healthcare and medical journals.


Our relentless efforts bore fruit: PMI’s revamped narrative found voice in prominent platforms like Univision and Telemundo, catering to the Hispanic demographic, and resonated on broad-reaching networks such as that are a part of NBC Universal. Esteemed publications like Washington Post, Fortune and medCity News also echoed PMI’s commitment. This expanded media reach isn’t just a win in placement; it represents a shift in perception, offering PMI fresh avenues to communicate its mission.

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