New Market Development

New Market Development

Case Study

Leveraging Customer Data for Revenue Generation at Atypon



Atypon, a leading SaaS solution provider for scientific and scholarly publishers, was keen to transform its rich customer data into a new, valuable product for users, publishers, and the company. They had an initial hypothesis that selling targeted audiences to ad buyers would unlock this value.


Chameleon Collective was called upon to evaluate the potential of Atypon’s customer data asset, assess the market viability, and model the revenue opportunities. Our process involved conducting market interviews, analyzing proprietary pricing data, and executing detailed revenue modeling. Our analysis revealed that the initial plan of selling targeted audiences was not going to generate the expected revenue for Atypon. However, the insights gathered allowed us to identify a new, promising opportunity.


The real value lies in using Atypon’s customer data to create more targeted content, thus driving increased customer engagement on the existing platform. We developed a new product module aligned with Atypon’s existing business model, creating a win-win situation for both Atypon and their publishers, all the while respecting data privacy. This data-driven approach propelled Atypon to unlock new revenue opportunities from their existing customer data.

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