Revamp Online Customer Acquisition

Revamp Online Customer Acquisition

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Case Study

Revamping True Religion: A Journey Towards Enhanced Online Customer Acquisition



True Religion, after emerging from bankruptcy, was facing a precipitous decline in their online presence. The brand was witnessing a year-over-year drop in site visitors, conversions, and revenue. Customer retention was dwindling, and the competitive landscape was intensifying. Their digital marketing spend was largely ineffective, leading to low Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). To regain market traction and enhance customer acquisition, True Religion needed a comprehensive digital overhaul.


True Religion partnered with Chameleon Collective to revamp their online customer acquisition strategy. Chameleon conducted a comprehensive audit, identifying the key areas of concern and opportunities for improvement. They orchestrated Digital Redesign workshops, fostering a collaborative environment to reimagine True Religion’s online presence. This process included a complete revamp of the brand’s Paid Search, Retargeting, and Facebook/Instagram strategies. The team then rapidly expanded the Paid Media budgets to scale to almost 9 figures in media spend, while generating industry-beating Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) metrics.


The results were a testament to the effectiveness of the implemented strategies. True Religion’s e-commerce revenue experienced an impressive growth, 100%+ YoY. This upturn saw a 75% surge in ROAS performance The successful transformation led to a sustained partnership, with Chameleon Collective managing True Religion’s digital spend for four straight years until the leadership’s in-house approach took over.


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Adam Towvim

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Kevin Flannery

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